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May 17, 2024

Goldco Reviews and Complaints – Are They Legit?

This Goldco review covers their precious metals IRA, BBB rating, lawsuit, reviews, complaints and much more.
Goldco review 2024

Hi, today we have a Goldco review to discuss.

They are among the most popular names in the gold IRA market. Apart from Augusta Precious Metals and Birch Gold Group, you’ll hear their name quite often.

I heard it too.

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So, I delved deeper and prepared the following Goldco review.

Among the plethora of companies offering to usher investors through the Golden Gates is Goldco, a name that frequently surfaces in discussions about retirement savings and precious metals.

But amidst the labyrinth of glowing Goldco reviews and scattered Goldco complaints, it’s important to figure out if they are reliable.

Is Goldco legit? Does it stand up to the scrutiny of both enthusiastic endorsements and critical Goldco IRA reviews? These are some crucial questions for investors.

So, I’ve done the research.

This article embarks on a candid exploration, drawing from my personal journey with Goldco.

Beginning with initial impressions and expectations, my review navigates through the intricate process of investing with them.

You’ll find out about their customer service, buyback policy, and even the various Goldco reviews available online.

Let’s begin right away.

The Best Gold IRA Companies In 2024

Before I get started with this review, I want to inform you that I have reviewed dozens of precious metal IRA companies over two decades, and I have curated a list of the top 6 gold IRA companies in 2024. I highly recommend reading this article before proceeding with an IRA transfer.

The #1 Best Gold IRA is Augusta Precious Metals, with its A+ rating from Better Business Bureau, hundreds of 5-star reviews, and lifetime account support. Read my review on Augusta Precious Metals, or visit the official Augusta website to learn more. 

My Initial Impressions and Expectations with Goldco

When I first looked into Goldco’s services, the presence of endorsements from highly recognized figures like Sean Hannity, Chuck Norris, Ben Stein, and Stew Peters immediately stood out. This kind of high-profile backing can lend a significant amount of credibility to a company, although it’s crucial to look beyond these endorsements when making financial decisions.

The professional and informative responses from Goldco’s team were quite impressive. When I expressed interest online, their response was prompt, with contact made within minutes.

Promptness is something I care about a lot. After all, why work with someone who doesn’t respect your time?

This quick engagement was surely a testament to Goldco’s commitment to customer service. Furthermore, it set a positive tone for the initial interactions.

The detailed explanations provided by the IRA specialists were particularly helpful. They made the process of rolling over an IRA seem less daunting by explaining each step clearly and ensuring that all questions were answered, thereby creating a sense of security and trust in their expertise. The specialists’ approach was not only informative but also devoid of any pressure, which is crucial for making such significant financial decisions.

Moreover, the promotional offers, such as qualifying for $750 in bonus Silver, added an extra layer of attractiveness to the services provided by Goldco, especially for those planning to invest a substantial amount in precious metals. However, it was also noted that for smaller investments, other options might be more beneficial due to Goldco’s higher minimum investment amounts [9].

Lastly, the provision of a free educational gold IRA kit was a significant factor that helped in understanding the nuances of precious metals investment. This resource is an excellent tool for anyone new to this type of investment, providing valuable information to help make informed decisions.

Do I Recommend Goldco?

While my overall experience was great, I realized there are better gold IRA providers available.

I appreciated the staff’s expertise. However, you can find far better options with more attentive and reliable staff.

As an avid investor who doesn’t have a lot of free time, I look for companies that value their customers’ time.

That’s why I suggest going with either Augusta Precious Metals or Goldencrest Metals. Both of them have some of the most professional and expert teams I’ve ever encountered.

However, if you’re interested in learning more about a Goldco precious metals IRA, read on:

Navigating the Investment Process

Setting Up the IRA Account

To initiate the investment process with Goldco, one begins by signing an agreement, which outlines the terms of engagement and secures the purchase of precious metals. This step is crucial as it ensures that both parties have a mutual understanding of the conditions under which the business is conducted.

Goldco precious metals website

A representative from Goldco guides the investor through each step, making the process transparent and straightforward. This personalized guidance is especially beneficial for those new to precious metals IRAs.

Funding the IRA is typically done by rolling over assets from existing retirement accounts, such as 401(k)s, 403(b)s, or traditional IRAs. This method is advantageous as it generally occurs without tax consequences, preserving the investor’s capital. The process involves coordination with the current account administrators to transfer funds, a step where Goldco’s representatives provide significant assistance, ensuring a smooth transition.

Choosing Investments: Gold, Silver, and Beyond

Once they have funded the IRA, investors can select from a variety of precious metals to include in their portfolio. Goldco offers a wide range of IRA-eligible gold and silver coins. Moreover, they source them from various mints around the world.

Goldco’s specialists guide you throughout the selection process. They help ensure that the metals you choose not only comply with IRS regulations regarding purity and fineness but also align with your financial goals.

Investors need to be aware that not all gold products are eligible for an IRA. For instance, gold coins must meet a minimum fineness requirement of .995 for a gold IRA. Otherwise, you can’t add them to your portfolio.

Goldco assists in navigating these specifications. They provide you with a catalog of eligible coins and bars that you can in the IRA. As a result, you can prevent any potential tax liabilities associated with non-compliant metals.

Understanding Goldco Fees and Costs

Investing in a precious metals IRA with Goldco involves certain fees that are structured differently from those in traditional financial asset IRAs. Initially, there is a one-time account setup fee and an annual administration fee which covers account maintenance and customer support. These fees are crucial for the ongoing management of the IRA and are competitively priced in comparison to industry standards.

Storage fees are also a significant consideration as physical gold and silver must be securely stored in a specialized depository. Goldco partners with reputable depositories that offer both segregated and non-segregated storage options. The choice between these can affect the annual storage cost, impacting the overall fee structure.

Goldco’s fee transparency ensures that investors understand the full cost implications from the outset, aiding in effective financial planning. This clarity is part of Goldco’s commitment to providing a trustworthy and reliable investment service.

Customer Service Experience at Goldco

Personalized Guidance and Support

Goldco’s commitment to excellent customer service is reflected in the personalized attention each client receives. Their specialists are not only knowledgeable but are keen to provide tailored guidance, ensuring that every client’s needs and concerns are addressed with precision.

This personalized approach is critical, especially for those new to investing in precious metals, as it makes the process less daunting and more accessible. Clients have highlighted the thoroughness with which account representatives answered their questions, appreciating the customized advice rather than a generic solution.

Responsiveness to Inquiries and Concerns

The responsiveness of Goldco’s customer service team is a cornerstone of its reputation.

Many clients have expressed satisfaction with the quick responses and accessibility of customer service representatives. Surely, accessibility is crucial when dealing with retirement savings.

The ability of the Goldco team to address concerns efficiently and maintain timely communication is highly valued by customers, who often need reassurance and prompt answers to their inquiries. This level of service ensures that clients feel supported throughout their investment journey with Goldco.

Best Gold IRA Companies I’ve Worked With Yet (In 2024)

If you’re seriously looking to invest in precious metals or open a gold IRA, these are the companies I believe you should go with. My experiences with all 3 of them have been excellent.

Augusta Precious Metals (Best for Investments Over $50,000)

Augusta Precious Metals ranks as the #1 gold IRA company in the US. And that’s for good reason.

They have some of the best product catalogs with gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products to offer. But the main highlight is their dedicated web conference and the added focus on client education.

Augusta has an A+ rating on BBB, 1000+ client testimonials, and has been awarded “Most Transparent Company” in 2023 by Investopedia.

No other company puts as much focus on educating their clients about the different aspects of gold IRAs as they do.

My own experience with them was amazing to say the least.

However, their minimum investment requirement is $50,000 which limits the number of people who can open a gold IRA with them. Still, if you have the budget, you shouldn’t look elsewhere.

Goldencrest Metals (Best for Gold Investments)

Run by an actual financial advisor, Goldencrest Metals is another reliable name in the gold IRA industry.

Although they seem new, the team behind the company has been in the finance sector for decades. You would be surprised to see the level of expertise and knowledge these guys have.

My interaction with them was eye-opening. I learned a lot about precious metals through Goldencrest Metals.

That’s why they are my 2nd best suggestion for those interested in gold IRAs.

Preserve Gold (Best Customer Support)

Preserve Gold is a well-established name in the precious metals industry now.

I have talked to several of their clients and all of them praise their excellent support staff. The level of attentiveness and care I noticed there was surprising.

Preserve Gold is one of the few companies that, I can say with confidence, are 100% client-focused.

You’d love to talk to them if you’re new to precious metals investing.

The Buyback Policy and Its Impact

Overview of Goldco’s Buyback Policy

Goldco provides a buyback program that guarantees the highest possible price for precious metals, offering clients a secure and flexible option for their investments. This policy not only ensures financial security but also adds a layer of comfort for investors knowing they can liquidate their assets smoothly and efficiently.

Flexibility and Security in Investments

The buyback program is a testament to Goldco’s commitment to client flexibility and security. Clients can sell back their precious metals at fair market prices, which provides a convenient exit strategy during various financial needs or to capitalize on market gains. This process is streamlined and hassle-free, ensuring that clients can manage their investments without unnecessary stress.

Highest Buyback Guarantee

Goldco’s promise of the highest buyback guarantee means that clients are likely to profit from their investments in precious metals. The company ensures that the buyback process is straightforward. Furthermore, they claim to offer fast and fair price quotes according to the current spot price of the metal.

This approach makes Goldco’s buyback program a reliable option for those concerned about the resale value of their assets.

Market Conditions and Buyback Prices

While Goldco aims to provide the highest prices possible through their buyback guarantee, it’s important to note that the maximum buyback price can vary based on market conditions.

I suggest doing thorough research before making any such decisions.

Comprehensive Support and Assurance

Goldco works with various mints around the world to source high-quality, IRA-eligible coins, ensuring that clients have access to the best products for their investment needs. When it’s time to sell, Goldco’s Highest BuyBack Guarantee comes into play, offering to buy back the precious metals at competitive prices, thereby affirming their dedication to supporting clients throughout the investment lifecycle.

Goldco Reviews: What Do Their Customers Say?

While I’ve shared my personal experience with the company, I realize you should be aware of other people’s experiences as well.

This will give you a better idea of what to expect from Goldco.

Here are Goldco’s ratings on various review platforms:

Better Business Bureau (BBB):

    • Goldco Direct LLC is BBB accredited since 2011
    • They have an A+ rating from BBB
    • There are 59 complaints closed against them in the last 3 years


      • Goldco has an overall rating of 4 stars on Trustpilot from over 1,300 reviews
      • The reviews are a mix of positive and negative experiences with their products and services.


        • Goldco has received over 5,000 5-star reviews on Trustlink, indicating a very positive rating
        • It’s one of the best ratings on the platform.

        In summary, Goldco has an A+ rating from the BBB despite having some complaints, very positive 5-star reviews on Trustlink, and a mixed but overall 4-star rating on Trustpilot based on over 1,300 reviews.

        I’m sharing some individual Goldco reviews here as well.

        Goldco review and bad reviews example

        Here, Liz shares that the senior account executive at Goldco was exceptional.

        According to her, he provided excellent service during their IRA Rollover process.

        Moreover, the executive demonstrated patience, provided informative explanations, and maintained a professional demeanor. Also, his exceptional sense of humor helped to create a relaxed atmosphere.

        He explained everything in detail, allowing for questions to be asked at each step. To their delight, the user’s transactions were completed faster than expected, which came as a pleasant and welcome surprise. The user was completely satisfied and recommended considering Goldco as the top company to preserve their wealth.

        You’ll find tons of similar Goldco reviews online. For example, here’s another:

        Goldco reviews on Trustpilot

        Pat shares that their gold IRA rollover with Goldco didn’t face any issues. Also, they point out that the company answered all their questions promptly.

        Goldco Lawsuit: Is There Any?

        Yes, when I looked through the history of this gold IRA company, I found a lawsuit.

        In 2019, Goldco sued an individual named Wilson.

        Goldco lawsuit against Wilson

        Here, Goldco claims that Mr. Wilson utilized classified customer data to malign Goldco by directly reaching out to Goldco’s customers and urging them to commence legal actions against Goldco. It is stated that Mr. Wilson developed the website www.goldcosucks.com to publicly state his assertions that Goldco violated Alabama law by refusing to refund a “$300,000 IRA transaction” within five days of the transaction date.

        Evidence shows that Goldco’s clients received communication from an individual using a phone number with the “205” area code.

        Additionally, the website domain www.goldcosucks.com was acquired using a credit card registered under the name “B Clackum,” with the shipping and billing address being Ms. Clackum’s home in Gadsden, Alabama. The website urged Goldco consumers to directly communicate with their state attorney general over Goldco’s activities. It also mentioned that an individual named “Bruce Clackum” had already reached out to the Alabama Attorney General’s Office.

        It’s worth noting that the company has resolved this Goldco lawsuit.

        Apart from this, I didn’t find any significant consumer disputes or legal battles involving this company.

        Addressing the Goldco Complaints and Bad Reviews

        While I looked into this precious metals dealer, I didn’t find many bad reviews. In fact, most of the reviews praised them for their support and knowledgeable staff.

        On the off chance I encountered a few Goldco bad reviews, the company had responded to them promptly.

        Common Issues Highlighted by Users

        Goldco’s commitment to transparency reveals some common concerns among users. These include high minimum investment amounts which may deter smaller investors, occasional reports of assertive sales tactics, and some delays or confusion regarding paperwork. Additionally, a few clients have noted slow response times to inquiries.

        Despite these issues, it’s important to note that most complaints are isolated incidents. Goldco actively works to resolve these promptly, ensuring that any policy-related issues, such as account minimums, are clear from the outset to prevent mismatched expectations.

        Company’s Approach to Resolutions

        Goldco takes customer complaints seriously, establishing a robust system to address them efficiently. When a customer raises a concern—be it delays, communication issues, or any other problem—the customer service team promptly investigates. They strive to understand the root cause and work towards a satisfactory solution, which may involve providing explanations, updates, or taking corrective actions as necessary.

        The company prioritizes clear and transparent communication throughout the complaint resolution process, ensuring that customers are kept informed about the progress of their issues. This approach has helped Goldco maintain trust and confidence among its clientele, demonstrating a commitment to effective resolution and customer satisfaction.

        Furthermore, the firm is quick to respond to the raised issues. One thing I noticed is that their senior representatives are always available to sort out any complaints.

        The only other company I can think of that’s so prompt is Augusta Precious Metals or Preserve Gold.


        Throughout this exploration of Goldco, my personal journey has provided a unique lens through which I could assess the company’s operations, its approach to customer service, its investment process, and its standing within the precious metals market.

        From the initial impressions buoyed by notable endorsements and responsive customer service to navigating the investment process with guided expertise, each step with Goldco has underscored their commitment to client satisfaction and investment security. The firsthand experience with the company’s IRA specialists not only demystified the investment process but reaffirmed the value in Goldco’s personalized approach to client engagement.

        While I appreciate the company’s expertise, I recommend browsing other options first.

        There are plenty of reliable and highly skilled gold IRA companies you can invest with. Always do detailed research before investing.


        1. Can Goldco be considered a reliable company?
        Goldco has a well-established reputation as a reliable company in the investment sector, boasting over 17 years of experience. They offer a diverse range of precious metals for investment, such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

        2. Which company is the most reliable for gold investments?
        While Goldco stands out as a great option, the most reliable company for gold investments is Augusta Precious Metals. Other notable names include Goldencrest Metals and Preserve Gold. All three of them have received a lot of praise for their excellence.

        3. What is Goldco’s revenue model?
        Goldco earns its revenue primarily through commissions on sales from its inventory of precious metals. This business model focuses on aiding investors in safeguarding their retirement savings by investing in gold, silver, and other precious metals.

        4. What is the required minimum investment to open a Goldco Precious Metals IRA?
        To open a Precious Metals IRA with Goldco, investors need to make an initial minimum purchase of $25,000. This minimum investment requirement assists in maintaining lower account fees relative to the assets managed.

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