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May 17, 2024

Augusta Precious Metals Reviews 2024: Are They Legit?

Read my honest take on Augusta Precious Metals reviews, BBB rating, lawsuit and more.
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Hi there, welcome to my Augusta Precious Metals review.

In this review, I’ll share my personal experience with the company and much more.

You’ll find out about their fees, pricing as well as their reviews on various platforms.

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Precious metals have always stood out as a beacon of stability and security amidst fluctuating markets.

This Augusta Precious Metals review delves deep into one such firm that has garnered significant attention for its services and standards in the industry.

This review aims to shed light on the integrity and efficiency of Augusta Precious Metals to help you decide if they are right for you.

Moreover, this article will systematically explore the company background, highlighting what sets Augusta Precious Metals apart in a competitive market.

You’ll discover their different features and detailed insights into their Gold IRA offerings

I’ve also aimed to give a balanced view on the pros and cons according to various Augusta Precious Metals reviews, including customer feedback, Augusta Precious Metals complaints, and ratings from reputable sources such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Let’s dive in.

The Best Gold IRA Companies In 2024

Before I get started with this review, I want to inform you that I have reviewed dozens of precious metal IRA companies over two decades, and I have curated a list of the top 6 gold IRA companies in 2024. I highly recommend reading this article before proceeding with an IRA transfer.

The #1 Best Gold IRA is Augusta Precious Metals, with its A+ rating from Better Business Bureau, hundreds of 5-star reviews, and lifetime account support. Read my review on Augusta Precious Metals, or visit the official Augusta website to learn more. 

About Augusta Precious Metals

Founded in January 2012 by Isaac Nuriani, Augusta Precious Metals has established itself as a leader in the precious metals industry.

Nuriani’s vision to educate and empower Americans about diversifying their retirement savings has catapulted their growth. They enjoy a spotless reputation in the precious metals industry.

Professional Commitment and Ethical Standards

Augusta Precious Metals is reputed for its professional service and ethical business practices.

The company has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Similarly, it has received a AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, underscoring its commitment to customer satisfaction and trust.

Moreover, you’ll find over 1,000 five-star ratings from satisfied customers, attesting to the company’s high standards of service and integrity.

Awards and Recognitions

The company’s excellence in service has been recognized with multiple Stevie Awards. These include accolades for Customer Service Success and Sales Distinction of the Year.

Investopedia ranked them as the “Most Transparent Company”.

However, that’s not the only reason why I believe in their service.s

Educational Initiatives and Consumer Empowerment

Under the guidance of Devlyn Steele, a Harvard-trained economic analyst and the company’s Director of Education, Augusta Precious Metals emphasizes educating consumers about the economy and the benefits of gold IRAs. This educational approach helps clients avoid common industry pitfalls.

Also, it ensures that APM’s clients make well-informed decisions.

Commitment to Transparency and Client Satisfaction

Augusta Precious Metals offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with a leading industry buyback and a 7-day money-back guarantee during the account-opening process, ensuring that clients feel secure and valued.

The company’s transparent pricing model has been recognized by Money magazine and Investopedia. Money named Augusta Precious Metals as the “Best Overall Gold IRA Company”. On a similar note, Investopedia awarded them “Most Transparent Pricing” in consecutive years.

Ongoing Support and Dedication

The company prides itself on providing lifetime support for accounts, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to assisting clients throughout their investment journey.

Each team member at Augusta is dedicated to helping clients diversify their retirement savings with a range of gold and silver bullion and premium coins, ensuring personalized and thorough service.

Through these initiatives and commitments, Augusta Precious Metals stands out as a dependable and ethical provider in the gold IRA market, dedicated to the financial well-being and education of its clients.

Unique Features of Augusta Precious Metals

Customer Support and Education

Augusta Precious Metals stands out for its commitment to customer support and investor education.

The company provides a wealth of educational materials, including webinars, guides, and market analyses, to ensure clients are well-informed.

Notably, Augusta offers a free one-on-one web conference designed to teach the fundamentals of precious metals investing. This initiative is led by Devlyn Steele, a Harvard-trained economist and the company’s Director of Education, who breaks down complex economic trends to make them understandable for all investors.

Investment Options

Augusta Precious Metals offers a diverse range of investment products to meet the varying needs of investors.

Clients can choose from a selection of IRA-eligible precious metals, including well-known options like the American Gold Eagle and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf.

Beyond coins, Augusta provides gold and silver bars and rounds, catering to different investment strategies and portfolio requirements. Their product lineup is designed to offer flexibility and cater to both seasoned investors and those new to precious metals.

Transparency and Trust

Transparency is a cornerstone of Augusta Precious Metals’ business philosophy.

The company maintains a transparent fee structure, ensuring clients fully understand the costs associated with their investments.

This approach extends to their handling of customer complaints and inquiries, where Augusta excels in providing clear and honest communication.

Moreover, the firm’s high level of customer satisfaction is reflected in its positive reviews across various platforms, underscoring its reliability and commitment to upholding trust with its clients.

Augusta Gold IRA Offerings and Pricing

Gold & Silver IRA

Augusta Precious Metals enables investors to diversify their retirement savings through Gold & Silver IRAs, which are tax-advantaged Individual Retirement Accounts.

These IRAs allow the inclusion of IRS-approved physical gold and silver, providing a hedge against inflation and economic turmoil. The metals are stored securely and insured, ensuring peace of mind for the investor. The process of setting up a Gold & Silver IRA with Augusta is straightforward, involving a few easy steps supported by the company’s team. This includes up to 95% of the paperwork being handled by Augusta, making the setup process simple for the investor.

  1. Meeting Your Representative: Upon choosing Augusta, investors are assigned a personal assistant who acts as a guide through the world of gold and silver investing.
  2. Getting Educated: Augusta’s team, including economic experts, provides valuable economic insights not commonly available, aiding in informed decision-making.
  3. IRA Processing: The company simplifies the paperwork, ensuring a hassle-free setup of your Gold & Silver IRA.
  4. Order Desk Assistance: Augusta’s product professionals offer portfolio-diversifying advice, helping investors choose the right gold and silver products.
  5. Confirmation: A stress-free, official phone confirmation finalizes the investor’s order.

Common Bullion Products

Augusta Precious Metals offers a selection of Common Bullion Products and Premium Products. These products are essential for investors looking to invest in gold and silver without venturing into collectibles or numismatic coins.

Common Bullion Products are typically priced based on the precious metal content they contain, making them a straightforward investment choice. These include popular options like the American Silver Eagle and Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins, which meet the purity requirements set for inclusion in IRAs.

  • Gold Bullion Purity: For gold to be IRA-eligible, it must be at least 99.5% pure, except for the American Gold Eagle coin, which is allowed at 91.67% purity due to its status as the U.S. Mint’s flagship gold coin.
  • Silver Bullion Purity: Eligible silver products for IRAs must have a fineness of 99.9%, with notable options being the American Silver Eagle and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins.
Product TypeExamplesPurity Requirements
Gold BullionAmerican Gold Eagle, Canadian Gold Maple LeafAt least 99.5% pure (except American Gold Eagle at 91.67%)
Silver BullionAmerican Silver Eagle, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf99.9% pure

Pricing and Fees

Investing with Augusta involves a clear understanding of the costs associated with setting up and maintaining a Gold & Silver IRA.

  • Minimum Investment: A high minimum investment of $50,000 positions Augusta for serious investors, compared to competitors with lower minimums.
  • One-Time Setup Fee: $50 to establish your account.
  • Annual Custodian Fee: $100 per year for custodian services.
  • Annual Depository Fee: $100 per year for secure storage of precious metals.
  • Markup on Precious Metals: Augusta does not disclose their markup on precious metals, meaning prices will be above the spot price.
Fee TypeAmount
One-Time Setup Fee$50
Annual Custodian Fee$100
Annual Depository Fee$100

Investors are encouraged to compare Augusta’s offerings with other precious metal IRA providers to find the best fit for their retirement planning needs.

Best Gold IRA Companies I’ve Worked With Yet (In 2024)

If you’re seriously looking to invest in precious metals or open a gold IRA, these are the companies I believe you should go with. My experiences with all 3 of them have been excellent.

Augusta Precious Metals (Best for Investments Over $50,000)

Augusta Precious Metals ranks as the #1 gold IRA company in the US. And that’s for good reason.

They have some of the best product catalogs with gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products to offer. But the main highlight is their dedicated web conference and the added focus on client education.

Augusta has an A+ rating on BBB, 1000+ client testimonials, and has been awarded “Most Transparent Company” in 2023 by Investopedia.

No other company puts as much focus on educating their clients about the different aspects of gold IRAs as they do.

My own experience with them was amazing to say the least.

However, their minimum investment requirement is $50,000 which limits the number of people who can open a gold IRA with them. Still, if you have the budget, you shouldn’t look elsewhere.

Goldencrest Metals (Best for Gold Investments)

Run by an actual financial advisor, Goldencrest Metals is another reliable name in the gold IRA industry.

Although they seem new, the team behind the company has been in the finance sector for decades. You would be surprised to see the level of expertise and knowledge these guys have.

My interaction with them was eye-opening. I learned a lot about precious metals through Goldencrest Metals.

That’s why they are my 2nd best suggestion for those interested in gold IRAs.

Preserve Gold (Best Customer Support)

Preserve Gold is a well-established name in the precious metals industry now.

I have talked to several of their clients and all of them praise their excellent support staff. The level of attentiveness and care I noticed there was surprising.

Preserve Gold is one of the few companies that, I can say with confidence, are 100% client-focused.

You’d love to talk to them if you’re new to precious metals investing.

Augusta Precious Metals Complaints and Reviews: What Do Others Say?

Apart from sharing my personal review, I realize it would be best to share the perspectives of other Augusta clients as well.

There are hundreds of Augusta Precious Metals reviews online. Still, I’m sharing some of them to help you get an idea of what it’s like working with them.

The review below is a good example.

Augusta Precious Metals reviews on Trustpilot

Jim has given APM 5 stars. He states that his experience with Augusta’s staff was great. Both of the representatives were very courteous and professional.

Moreover, he highlights that they all were well prepared.

Also, Jim points out that the entire presentation was perfectly understandable. I’m guessing he has reviewed Augusta’s popular web conference.

You’ll find plenty of such Augusta Precious Metals reviews praising the company.

I’m sharing another one below.

Augusta Precious Metals review example

Doug has shared his personal experience with APM’s sales staff here.

He highlights that he spent almost half an hour on the phone. He expected it to be a simple account update but it turned into an informative session about his investment instead.

Moreover, he shares how the representative didn’t “push” him for a sale. Apart from that, the reviewer highlights the knowledgeable interactions he had with them and praises the company for its professionalism.

Certainly, Augusta’s staff is extremely caring towards its clients.

Regarding Augusta Precious Metals complaints, I didn’t find any significant ones.

In fact, most of the reviews praise the company for its excellent support. There weren’t any negative reviews or major criticisms available online.

Moreover, when I found a complaint against Augusta, I always found a prompt reply as well.

You can be certain of working with a reliable gold IRA company when you’re dealing with APM. Their reviews are proof of the same.

Is There Any Augusta Precious Metals Lawsuit?

I found one lawsuit involving Augusta Precious Metals. In 2017, APM had sued Red Rock Secured, another precious metals firm.

Augusta had alleged that Red Rock Secured was misleading investors with false statements.

According to online records, the case is resolved.

Apart from that one, I didn’t find any significant Augusta Precious Metals lawsuit.

Surely, the company’s robust support staff ensures that their customers remain satisfied.

Pros and Cons of Augusta Precious Metals


  1. Strong Educational Focus: Augusta Precious Metals prioritizes investor education, offering introductory web conferences and ongoing market updates. This approach helps clients make informed decisions about their investments.
  2. Smooth Account Opening Process: The process of opening a gold IRA with Augusta is streamlined as the company handles approximately 95% of the paperwork.
  3. Lifetime Support: Augusta provides continuous support, offering 24/7 assistance from dedicated agents for any queries regarding the account, market conditions, or asset values.
  4. Reasonable Fee Structure: The company maintains a competitive fee structure with a one-time $50 account setup fee, and annual fees of $100 for storage and custody.
  5. Top-Rated Reputation: With flawless 5-star reviews on platforms like Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau, Augusta’s integrity and commitment to customer satisfaction are evident.
  6. Direct Purchasing Options: Beyond gold IRAs, Augusta allows for direct purchases of precious metals, with a minimum of $50,000, catering to clients preferring physical ownership.
  7. Professional Coin Grading Service Authorized Dealer: Upholding NGC’s coin grading standards, Augusta ensures quality and authenticity in its offerings.
  8. Exceptional Customer Support: Highlighted by its A+ BBB rating and 5-star TrustLink rating, Augusta’s customer service is exemplary.
  9. Competitive Pricing and Fees: With transparent pricing, low maintenance fees for IRAs, and special offers like zero Gold IRA fees for 10 years, Augusta stands out for its cost-efficiency.


  1. Large Initial Investment Required: A minimum investment of $50,000 is needed to open a gold IRA, which may be prohibitive for some investors compared to other companies with lower entry points.
  2. No Online Prices: Specific product pricing is not listed on Augusta’s website, necessitating contact with a sales representative for current values, which may inconvenience some investors.
Educational FocusWeb conferences, market updates, educational videos
Account Opening Process95% of paperwork handled by Augusta
Support24/7 lifetime support
Fee Structure$50 setup fee, $100 annual storage, $100 annual custody
Reputation5-star reviews on Trustpilot and BBB
Direct PurchasingMinimum $50,000 for direct purchases
Grading ServiceAuthorized dealer, adheres to NGC standards
Customer SupportA+ BBB rating, 5-star TrustLink rating
Pricing and FeesTransparent pricing, competitive fees

This table and the listed points provide a comprehensive view of the pros and cons associated with investing in Augusta Precious Metals, aiding potential investors in making an informed decision.


Throughout this comprehensive review, we have uncovered the multifaceted aspects of Augusta Precious Metals, highlighting the company’s steadfast commitment to transparency, customer education, and ethical practices.

I’ve tried to give you a deep dive into its company background, unique features, and investment options. Hopefully, you found my Augusta Precious Metals review helpful.

The emphasis on educating investors, combined with a seamless account setup and a robust support system, reinforces Augusta’s role in empowering individuals to diversify their portfolios with confidence and security.

Whether you want to open a gold IRA or a silver IRA, I think Augusta can be a great choice for you.

As we’ve navigated through the offerings and customer perceptions, it’s clear that the firm not only meets but exceed the expectations of its clients, backed by accolades and positive feedback from reputable sources.

With its comprehensive approach to customer satisfaction and a notable emphasis on education and transparency, Augusta Precious Metals exemplifies what it means to be a trusted partner in the journey towards financial security and retirement readiness.

Augusta Precious Metals Reviews FAQs

Is Augusta Precious Metals a reputable company?

Yes, Augusta Precious Metals is famous for its outstanding reputation. Their A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, and over 1,000 five-star customer reviews are proof of the same.

What is the required minimum investment to start with Augusta Precious Metals?

To open an account with Augusta Precious Metals, an individual must be prepared to meet their minimum investment requirement of $50,000. Those with smaller budgets can purchase direct bullion or go with a different company.

How long has Augusta Precious Metals been operating?

Since its establishment in 2012, Augusta Precious Metals has grown to become a leading company in the precious metals industry. Their years of experience and expertise have contributed to their reputation and success.

Which precious metal is considered the best investment for 2024?

Gold is often recommended as the top choice for investors looking to add precious metals to their portfolio, especially for the year 2024. Its appeal lies in its ability to act as a hedge against inflation and preserve value over the long term. Additionally, gold’s high liquidity makes it an attractive option for buying and selling.

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