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May 23, 2024

Tradiac Reviews: Are They Legit? My Honest Take

Tradiac prop firm review

Hi, welcome to my Tradiac review.

Today, I’ll explore the popular prop firm and help you decide if they are worth your money or not.

One thing’s for sure, prop trading has become increasingly popular.

Apart from trading myself, I have seen several people get funded and generate a lot of profit. There’s definitely potential in prop trading.

However, figuring out if a prop firm is worth your money or not might seem tricky.

In this Tradiac prop firm review, I’ll help you figure out if you can trust them or not.

Tradiac Pros and Cons

Here’s an overview of the pros and cons of Tradiac.


  • 90% profit share from the start
  • Account sizes range from $10,000 to $100,000
  • Funding available up to $1 million
  • Utilize a distinct scaling strategy
  • Partnership with Scandinavian Capital Markets as broker


  • Limited reviews available
  • Restricted online visibility
  • Recently established proprietary trading firm

What is Tradiac?

Michael Buchbinder, a prominent figure in the sector, established Tradiac, a platform that provides experienced traders with access to more trading funds.

With over 75 years of combined FX and trading experience, Tradiac wants to change the proprietary trading industry. Also, they focus on trader welfare, openness, and trust to transform the sector.

Michael Buchbinder: Co-Founder of Tradiac 

In my research, I found that the company Tradiac was founded by Michael Buchbinder. The business aims to revolutionize the proprietary trading market by giving knowledgeable individual traders access to bigger capital pools in collaboration with a chosen hedge fund. Tradiac is going to provide exclusive funding for MT5 and cTrader platform trading. This will be facilitated via the Swedish online broker, Scandinavian Capital Markets.

I have seen countless finance companies try to enter the prop trading industry. However, there are rarely such experienced teams running the operations.

Not only is Michael Buchbinder the managing partner of Scandinavian Markets, but he also has more than 16 years of significant experience in trading and foreign exchange. Together with the experience of his fellow hedge fund colleagues, they provide Tradiac over 75 years of industry knowledge. This ensures that traders benefit from a wealth of information and assets.

Based on this information, it’s clear that Tradiac’s team is well-versed in financial markets. Also, you can see the depth of their understanding in how they have designed their challenges.

Tradiac has the financial strength of the associated hedge fund, which helps them with risk management and client financing. This gives traders confidence and clarity about how their trades will be carried out and how their profit shares will be distributed. Establishing openness and trust in the industry is very important to the company, and it also promotes common interests between the company and its merchants.

By introducing redemption tests, Tradiac departs from the standard procedures in remote-funded trader programs. These tests allow traders to maintain their connections following a positive performance review.

They can restart trading with the same amounts of money after passing the test. This is a departure from the stringent risk management guidelines, which often lead to early disqualification and trading losses. 

Tradiac Funding Programs and Challenges: Rules and Requirements 

Tradiac has introduced a new scaling technique to provide traders with more stability. The scaling plan and the redemption process will be thoroughly examined in this chapter.

Let’s start by talking about the scaling strategy, which is a little simpler than the plans that other firms have put in place. The following is how the plan functions:

1. Make a profit of 10% on your account.

2. Receive your payment and move on to the next phase.

The initial capital determines the extent of scaling. For instance, starting with $50,000 will require an extra $50,000 for each scaling round that follows.

It is imperative to stress that in order to take money out before reaching the profit target, you must exceed the 10% threshold because withdrawals are not accounted for. As a result, it is typically recommended to take money out after the targeted degree of profitability is reached.  

Types of Challenges at Tradiac

Tradiac prop firm offers several challenges designed to help traders demonstrate their skills and secure funding. Here are the main challenges available:

Challenge Types:

  • Tradiac Challenge: This challenge features a 10% profit target, a maximum loss limit of 10%, and a daily loss limit of 5%. Traders keep 90% of the profits they generate. The challenge fee is $95.
  • Braniac Challenge: This more advanced challenge requires a 20% profit target, with a 20% max loss and a 10% daily loss limit. Like the Tradiac Challenge, traders keep 90% of the profits. The fee for this challenge is $140.
  • Maniac Challenge: The most challenging option, with a 30% profit target, a 30% max loss, and a 15% daily loss limit. The profit split is again 90%, with a challenge fee of $190.

Structure and Progression:

  • Level Up: As traders hit their profit targets, they receive additional capital increments, scaling up to $1 million.
  • Checkpoint: Traders can save their progress at various stages, ensuring they don’t have to start from the beginning if they experience setbacks.
  • Redemption: If traders hit a setback, they can undertake a redemption challenge to restore their progress from a saved checkpoint.

Risk Management and Rules:

  • Challenges are designed with strict risk management rules, such as defined risk-reward ratios, trailing stops for momentum trades, dynamic position sizing, and daily loss limits. This ensures traders develop and adhere to disciplined trading practices.

Support and Resources:

  • Successful participants gain access to institutional resources, including advanced trading tools, research, and expert guidance. This support significantly enhances a trader’s ability to succeed and grow their career in trading.

These structured challenges are aimed at not only testing trading skills but also providing a controlled environment for skill development and progression in the trading industry.

For more detailed information, you can visit Tradiac’s official website and explore their various programs and support offerings.

The Redemption and Checkpoint Features

This functionality is only available on Tradiac, allowing traders to maintain their scaling progress. For example, let’s examine the following situation:

Assume that the trader begins with a $100,000 account and increases it by a factor of two to reach $300,000. The checkpoint level has been set at $300,000. 

If anyone experiences failure at this stage, they have the opportunity to undergo a “redemption” examination. Completing this examination grants them the opportunity to recommence trading with a $300,000 account.

Below are numerous crucial aspects to comprehend regarding this system:

  • A 30-day period is given to anyone to begin a redemption test following account failure.
  • Anyone can run as many redemption tests as they like, with no restriction.
  • Multiplying the initial capital by 0.95% yields the redemption test charge (for instance, a $100,000 account will result in a fee of $950).
  • The redemption challenge will adhere exactly to the same rules and goals as the first one. 

Rules and Restrictions 

  • News Trading: There are no restrictions on trading around news events.
  • Expert Advisor: Custom indicators, algorithmic approaches, and expert advisers are available for usage with all accounts. EAs that operate at high frequencies or break any other laws are prohibited.
  • Weekend Holdings: Transactions may continue during the course of the weekend and into the next day.
  • No-stop Loss: Tradiac does not require the use of a stop loss when making trades.
  • Inactivity Period: Within a 30-day period, a trade must be started at least once. 

Tradiac Broker: Do They Use a Reliable Platform? 

Spreads, commissions, and slippage are crucial elements in creating a successful trading strategy. As such, you must confirm that your trading plan aligns with the associated broker of the proprietary trading company of your choice.

This section will go into great detail on the platforms that are available, the broker that Tradiac uses, and the trading terms. Tradiac selects Scandinavian Capital Markets as its broker because of the latter’s exceptional trading conditions and extensive selection of financial products, which include cryptocurrencies, metals, indices, and forex.

All accounts are only permitted to use a maximum leverage ratio of 1:20.



  • Forex: $6/lot
  • Metals: $6/lot
  • Indices: Commission Free
  • Oil: Commission Free

Tradiac uses  MetaTrader 5, a popular platform. This platform is well-known for providing outstanding trade execution, a wide range of financial instruments, and sophisticated automated trading features.

Tradiac Fees: How Much Do They Charge? 

Account Size:

  • Price: $10,000, $95
  • Price: $20,000, $190
  • Price: $50,000, $475
  • Price: $100,000, $950

Due to its relatively low profit target of 10%, the Tradiac option is best advantageous to traders who are adept at implementing robust risk management strategies. In addition, these accounts are pleased to present the best prices in relation to the other two options. Some noteworthy features of these accounts consist of: 

  • 10% profit target
  • 10% maximum drawdown
  • Value decline of 5% each day 

Tradiac Proof of Payment:

Tradiac offers a flexible payment mechanism that gives traders the freedom to decide when to withdraw their funds. But the following important issues need to be addressed:

  • Withdrawal Frequency: Up to two withdrawal requests per month are permitted for traders.
  • Minimum Required Profit: A minimum of 2% profit margin is required in order to qualify for a payout.
  • At a fifty dollar fee, you can request extra payouts.

DEEL, a reputable payment platform that offers a variety of currency alternatives and payment methods, including bank transfers, PayPal, and cryptocurrency, is used to handle payout operations. From the start, every financed account has an incredible 90% profit share. 

Tradiac Customer Support: 

In my experience, I noticed that Tradiac places a high priority on providing thorough customer support services to help its partner merchants quickly address any issues and complaints. The company ensures that customers may easily contact their technical support team through two primary channels. Email correspondence and participation in active Discord channels are the modes of contact that are currently available. Discord is frequently used for quick communication since, compared to emails, responses are usually received more quickly.

Contact Information 

  • Contact Michael Buchbinder at 359809@email4pr.com 
  • Contact Number +1 (530) 451-3354.
  • Official Site is www.tradiac.com.

What Makes Tradiac Unique? 

With its ground-breaking funding mechanism, known as the scaling method, Tradiac sets itself apart from other top private trading companies and provides traders with greater consistency. With the use of this program, traders may trade with great flexibility, utilizing strategies including news trading, overnight position holding, and weekend trading.  

Tradiac Reviews: What Do Their Customers Say?

Before working with any prop firm, it’s best to check their reviews online.

I always suggest checking the online reputation of a prop firm so you know what you’re getting into.

Tradiac has received 4.5 ratings out of 5 on Trustpilot. They’re standing by the platform on the grand stage. Thirty reviews have been made by customers on Trustpilot.  

Tradiac Trustpilot

#1. I recently completed the challenge, and I’m really happy with everything thus far. One of the best businesses I’ve dealt with so far is this one. A fantastic team that provides outstanding support in the quickest amount of time and lends a hand whenever they can. This is what I have experienced thus far; I will undoubtedly write about my experiences from that section as well after the initial withdrawal.

#2. Give these guys a try if you’d like to have access to a legitimate Funded Trader model where you can trade in a professional setting with timely funding and payouts. If you do, I believe you’ll be content.

#3. After trying a few other funded trader systems, Tradiac is by far the greatest. They use MT5, which I am familiar with, and have tight spreads. Hopefully, I can get the support from the hedge fund!

#4. This company did not meet my expectations, and I would not suggest it. They have a number of regulations that work against dealers. One is that each trade must take five minutes. This doesn’t help in this ever-changing economy. For the majority of trading techniques, the maximum loss limit is computed quite inaccurately. I have a great deal of expertise with this organization, so you may put your trust in me. I advise you not to pay for her services because of this.


For a number of reasons, Tradiac demonstrates a genuine commitment to supporting genuine traders rather than just focusing on collecting fees. First off, by finding profitable traders with the financial backing of hedge funds, the corporation might potentially reap substantial benefits from its trading tactics being imitated.

Moreover, the aforementioned sophisticated scaling method significantly raises the likelihood that a trader would achieve seven-figure Assets Under Management (AUM) by allowing them to continue producing gains even in the face of errors. Lastly, traders of all skill levels may execute their strategies with flexibility and no continuous worry about account violations thanks to the substantial drawdown limitations. 


Tradiac is a great prop firm. However, I recommend browsing the market to ensure you find the best possible deals.

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