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May 24, 2024

Traders with Edge Review: Are They Legit? My Honest Take

Traders with Edge

Hey there. This is my detailed Traders with Edge review.

Here, you’ll learn about their fees, reviews, funding programs and a lot more.

Prop trading has a ton of advantages but the large number of options make it difficult to choose one firm.

Although you can try your luck with multiple prop firms at the time.

Before we begin,

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Traders with Edge Pros and Cons


  • Community center offering conversation, mentorship, and online education
  • One of the project’s components is the Turtle Account Challenge.
  • An 80/20 profit split is unique for the industry.
  • The ability to transact on many financial marketplaces
  • Flexible withdrawal mechanism 


  • High one-time desk fee for instant traders based on initial balance
  • Pay $1000 to finance $20,000 in instant trades.
  • The largest funded accounts are inaccessible. 

What is Traders with Edge?

American prop firm Traders With Edge started operations in 2022. The company provides clients with the independence and flexibility to engage in transactions involving a broad range of financial instruments by offering a distinctive approach to trader financing.

By giving traders the vital tools and resources needed for success, Traders With Edge is committed to helping traders succeed in the dynamic world of trading. When merchants receive these vital resources, the company next poses one of two difficulties that they must overcome. When the trader completes the challenges successfully, Traders With Edge will transfer capital to them using its carefully thought-out scaling tactics.

In addition to providing investment and funding opportunities, Traders With Edge acts as a vibrant community hub where traders may engage in dialogue, take part in educational programs, learn from seasoned industry experts, and share ideas. All members of this cooperative society benefit from the enhanced trading experience and continued education that it fosters. 

Traders with Edge Funding Programs and Challenges: Rules and Requirements 

Traders With Edge offers traders instant access to 20 times more cash without exams or hurdles. However, this expedited route requires a $1000 participation fee in exchange for a $20,000 initial investment.

Level 1: $80,000

  •   Scaling Target: 10%
  •   Max Loss Static: 5%
  •   Min Time Days: 5
  •   Max Days on Levels: 180
  •   Profit Share: 50%
  •   Leverage Up To: 1:20
  •   One-Time Desk Fee: $1,000

 Level 2: $160,000

  • Scaling Target: 10%
  • Max Loss Static: 5%
  • Min Time Days: 5
  • Max Days on Levels: NA
  • Profit Share: 50%
  • Leverage Up To: 1:20
  • One-Time Desk Fee: $0

Level 3: $320,000

  •  Scaling Target: 10%
  •  Max Loss Static: 5%
  •  Min Time Days: 5
  •  Max Days on Levels: NA
  •  Profit Share: 50%
  •  Leverage Up To: 1:20
  • One-Time Desk Fee: $0

Level 4: $640,000

  •  Scaling Target: 10%
  •  Max Loss Static: 5%
  •  Min Time Days: 5
  •  Max Days on Levels: NA
  •  Profit Share: 50%
  •  Leverage Up To: 1:20
  •  One-Time Desk Fee: $0

Level 5: $1,280,000

  • Scaling Target: 10%
  • Max Loss Static: 5%
  • Min Time Days: 5
  • Max Days on Levels: NA
  • Profit Share: 50%
  • Leverage Up To: 1:20
  • One-Time Desk Fee: $0

How to Start the Traders with Edge Challenge: 

With a $55 deposit, traders can begin trading with Traders With Edge. They can then participate in a 180-day challenge to win $5000 in money. In order to obtain a million-dollar funded capital, traders can strive to triple their funded capital in each round.

Traders with Edge challenge rules and conditions

A range of starting trading capital amounts are available with the Turtle Account option, ranging from $5,000 to $200,000. Phase 1 challenges feature entrance charges as low as $55 and a minimum starting capital requirement of $5,000. Those who choose to invest $200,000 are required to pay a $1,500 entry fee.

The Hare Account is a good option for traders who are always trading and are searching for quick earnings. In practice mode, traders can select a starting trading capital with leverage of 1:30 from $5,000 to $50,000. In order to complete the challenge, you must raise revenue by 10% in 30 days, profit by 10% in 90 days, and revenue by 5% in 600 days for the second half. 

Phase 1

  • Target: 10%
  • Max Daily Loss: 5%
  • Max Loss: 10%
  • Min Time Days: 10
  • Max Time Days: 30
  • Profit Share: Not Applicable
  • Account Leverage: 1:30
  • Account Scaling: Not Applicable
  • Participation: $360

Phase 2

  • Target: 5%
  • Max Daily Loss: 5%
  • Max Loss: 10%
  • Min Time Days: 10
  • Max Time Days: 60
  • Profit Share: Not Applicable
  • Account Leverage: 1:30
  • Account Scaling: Not Applicable
  • Participation: $0


  • Target: Not Applicable
  • Max Daily Loss: 5%
  • Max Loss: 10%
  • Min Time Days: Not Applicable
  • Max Time Days: Not Applicable
  • Profit Share: 80%
  • Account Leverage: 1:30
  • Account Scaling: Yes
  • Participation: Refund

Traders with Edge Broker: Do They Use a Reliable Platform? 

Before the Metaquotes fiasco, Traders with Edge offered MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 trading platforms. However, they are now offering their own proprietary trading platform with TradingView.

Traders With Edge is a private trading company with offices in Hong Kong and New York. By the end of 2025, they hope to have 25,000 more merchants enrolled. They make a very interesting offer: seasoned investors can raise money and keep 80% of the profits.

In order to aid in the understanding of financial markets, Traders With Edge has created a virtual trading environment that simulates funds. Participants can access practice accounts with test questions and simulated market conditions by enrolling in specialized courses. Success in these simulations will open doors for those who want to go on to funded trading positions and start making real money.

The classes known as “challenges” evaluate the participants’ potential for success as traders. Even though every challenge has its own set of goals, the rules and structures are all the same. In order to enable real trading activities, access to corporate funds is provided after a task is successfully completed.

With the less restrictive leverage ratio of 1:10 available with the Turtle Account, traders can fulfill their obligations. A ten percent profit cycle is expected to follow initial investments, which can range from $5,000 to $200,000. The investment period is one year.

Traders must follow strict risk management procedures to protect their initial investment from a 2.5% daily fall or a 5% overall loss. The account will be reset if these requirements are not met. Once a trader reaches the funded trader tier, they are eligible to receive 80% of their winnings.

Traders with Edge Fees: How Much Do They Charge?

The profit split for the Turtle and Hare schemes is 80%, and they both call for either a 1-step or a 2-step assessment.

Accounts with instant funding split profits fifty percent.

While there are private companies that offer higher compensation, the industry standard is generally accepted to be a profit split. The split offered by instant funding plans is often smaller—roughly fifty percent—which is customary for these kinds of accounts.  

Traders with Edge Proof of Payment:

Traders With Edge has been known to pay traders on a number of forums and YouTube channels. The trader’s trading skill determines if they are successful in making money using Traders using Edge.

The trading challenge that is selected and the initial investment amount determine the cost of Traders With Edge. 

Traders with Edge Customer Support: 

Traders With Edge is a reputable firm that can be reached at this number:

30 Cook Ave., Madison, NJ 07940, USA; phone: (800) 972-3343; email address: traderswithedge.com/support

Additionally, traders can contact them through the live chat feature on their website. 

What Makes Traders with Edge Unique? 

Because of their special Instant Funding Challenge, which enables traders to obtain a funded account without having to complete any tasks, Traders With Edge distinguishes apart from the competition.

Up to 80% of earnings made by Edge traders are retained by them, while any losses are covered by the company.

Traders have the choice of taking money out of their accounts in US dollars Tether (USDT), Wise (WISE), Bitcoin (BTC), or by bank transfer. There are prerequisites that must be met before the withdrawal process may begin. It is necessary for traders to have completed phase 2 of the trading program, have money in their trading account, and trade for a minimum of ten days.

Withdrawals are subject to the profit-sharing arrangement of Traders With Edge and are only permitted once every 14 days. This might have an effect on a trader’s savings and financial plan.

After completing the second level of the Hare challenge and meeting the minimum time requirements, traders can get a full refund of their trial costs and winnings. According to the website, the process typically takes ten days, after which an account is funded.

Traders With Edge contains unique features as well as areas that could be improved, enhancing the company’s overall uniqueness. 

Traders with Edge Reviews: What Do Their Customers Say?

Traders With Edge has a rating of 3.9 stars out of a possible five on Trustpilot. They’re positioned on the grand stage that’s beside the platform. 86 reviews have been posted by clients on Trustpilot in total.   

#1. I’m grateful to the Traders With Edge; they provide great service, usually respond in a day, and work very hard to resolve your issue. I would like to give them a 5-star rating today because they truly deserve it and are very patient. Thank you so much, guys, and I’m excited to start this journey with you!

#2. My spin wheel account arrived.

Yes, this is a prop from the beginning, and I recently got a 10k account from them.

Positive chat answer, let’s start with HIM

I’ll provide further details once I’ve received my withdrawal.

#3. There is a demo available on EightCap for the $15.00 free challenge. where you are limited to trading a certain number of FX. A challenge with additional options to trade items you desire or are familiar with would be excellent. This was on the mobile app, none of which have loaded yet when I tried to see the charts. I’ll give it another go on my laptop later to see if it works any better.

Traders with Edge prop firm review

#4. I quickly completed my two phases of challenges on two accounts, with an 83% victory rate.

Here, the reviewer was anticipating receiving funding for my two accounts, but he got an email stating that wasn’t possible because I was trading the minimum number of days with 0.01 lot even though I was constantly positive.

He says, “I’m not a novice trader, thus it’s not my fault that I can pass two phases in a single day.”

Traders with Edge complaints


Here’s the summary: A US-based proprietary trading company called Traders With Edge is currently seeking experienced traders to join their team. To evaluate applicants according to their trade profiles, the organization has developed three different types of assessment courses. Traders can access lucrative accounts through a variety of methods, including one- and two-phase challenge programs and fast financing programs.

Competent traders can receive an 80% profit split payout in addition to a funded account with a maximum balance of $1,000,000. A range of tradable assets, such as Forex and other CFDs including indices, commodities, metals, and cryptocurrencies, are offered by Traders With Edge.

Overall, it seems like a great fit for any trader. However, if you’re looking to get instant funding, I recommend browsing other options as well.

Traders with Edge

Traders with Edge is an impressive prop firm with great funding options. However, they are not the best option for traders.

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